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Best Programming Language to Learn in 2022

Best Programming language to learn in 2020

In today’s date, we can see many of the manual works which are done by humans are being replaced either by the computer programs or the automatic machines. This is being done more frequently than ever. One of the major reasons is that computer programs are more efficient and make less errors than their human counterpart. That being said, with increasing use of computers and computer programs one has to learn programming language to be safe from unemployment or just simply to increase income. Who doesn’t love more income right? But there is one problem which you might have stumbled upon. So, what is the best programming language to learn in 2022?

Not to mention, there are hundreds of programming languages being used for various use cases with their own set of rules and syntax. Of course, it is obvious you will get lost while choosing one which best suits you. Before choosing any one programming language you need to think, what you really want to do after learning programming? There are many fields you can look after like web development, mobile app development, desktop app development, game development and so on. This is the most crucial part in the whole journey of starting programming. After all you have to invest your time while learning and eventually you may spend money too which you don’t want to lose after choosing the wrong field.

Best Programming Language to Learn in 2022

Here is the list of the best programming languages to learn first for various categories like web development, mobile app development, machine learning, etc. You will be able to choose programming languages as per your preferred field.

1. Python – Overall Best Programming Language to Learn

Python is one of the most user friendly programming language but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t powerful. It has intuitive syntax which is almost like English which makes it easier to start learning for beginners. Python is being used in many fields like web development, machine learning and deep learning, game development, network programming and what not. So, if you are not sure field to choose just go with python you will not regret.

Many multinational corporations (MNC) and startups are using python. One of the most used web frameworks Django is based in python which is being used by many MNC and startups. MNC like Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, SurveyMonkey, Firefox, etc. use Django along with python for various purposes. Also, python is used in scientific calculations, machine learning and deep learning. Most used machine learning and deep learning frameworks are TensorFlow, Sklearn, Pytorch, Keras, etc. are based on python. Similarly, the python libraries like numpy, scipy, pandas, matplotlib, astropy were used in taking the first photo of black hole. This makes python one of the best programming language to learn for data science, machine learning and deep learning.

Used In: Web Development, Game Development, Scientific Computing, Machine learning, Data Science, Game Development
Difficulty Level: Easy – Start getting along quickly
Job Opportunity: Very good
Community Support: Open-source due to which it has really good community support

We have an entire catalogue of tutorials and program examples for python programming language. You can check those to start learning python.
Tutorial: Python Tutorial
Examples: Python Program Examples

2. JavaScript

Second one in the list is JavaScript. Along with HTML and CSS, JavaScript is one of the core technologies of World Wide Web. Currently, it is only a programming language which is native to web browsers. JavaScript is basically the language used for frontend in web development. Frontend means how a website looks and behaves client side. As an illustration, notifying users with pop ups when a user clicks a button in a website is done by the help of JavaScript.

Primarily, JavaScript was used to add interactive behavior to websites. As the time went ahead, the use cases of JavaScript increased day by day. Now, JavaScript can be used for server side processing with the help of NodeJS which helps to do backend and frontend with the same JavaScript code. Companies like PayPal, LinkedIn, Netflix and Uber use NodeJS. Also, it has been gaining popularity in cross platform mobile app development with React Native, desktop app development with Electron and even machine learning with TensorFlow.js. Nonetheless, it is not lagging behind in game development. Though AAA titles are not being developed but for 2D games it is a solid choice since there are many game engines to work with.

JavaScript is a really versatile language. If you want to work in either big companies or startups JavaScript will help land a good job. It is one of the best programming language to learn for web development for both frontend and backend.

Used In: Web Development, Mobile and Desktop App Development, Game Development
Difficulty Level: Easy – Even you don’t need to install any software for getting started. A browser and a text editor (e.g. notepad) is enough.
Job Opportunity: Very Good
Community Support: Very good. Excellent amount of resources to learn.

3. Java

Java is one of the most popular programming languages among large organizations. It is a general purpose programming language which follows object oriented programming (OOP) paradigm . Applications developed using java can run on all platforms. The learning curve for java is quite steep as compared to other languages in the list like python and JavaScript.

Due to the stability of java, it is used to develop enterprise-scale desktop applications as well as web applications. Various web frameworks like Spring, Struts and Hibernate are being used to develop highly secure and scalable web applications. Also, the most commonly used programming language for android app development is java. Most enterprises tend to develop android apps with java rather than other cross-platform alternatives or other languages. Huge companies like Intel, Symantec, Evernote, etc. are using java for various purposes.

With billions of devices running java there isn’t a lack of job opportunities for java developers. Since there are millions of java developers there isn’t a problem to find good resources to learn java and find support in forums and communities.

Used In: Web Development, Android App and Desktop App Development
Difficulty Level: Relatively difficult
Job Opportunity: Very Good
Community Support: Awesome. Java developers are active in various forums and really good communities.

4. C/C++

C is one of the oldest programming languages in this list. It makes base for most of the programming language like Java, C#, JavaScript, etc. Both C and C++ are basically used to write low level programs/systems like file manager, operating systems, etc. Since, they are extremely stable and fast most of the systems where stability and execution time matters makes use of them. Also, due to the same reason it is preferred by the competitive programmers. Moreover, they offer better low level abstraction due to the fact that they run closer to the system hardware.

C++ can be used to develop varieties of applications like games, GUI applications, etc. C is mostly used in designing low level systems and is popular among system programmers. Also, they are used in programming embedded systems. C/C++ are one of the best programming language to learn for system programmers.

Used In: Embedded systems, Games, GUI applications
Difficulty Level: Relatively difficult
Job Opportunity: Very Good
Community Support: Good.

If you want to start learning C programming we do have program examples to get started with C.
Try out: C Examples for Beginners and Competitive Programming

5. C#

C# is a general purpose programming language developed by Microsoft which is pronounced as C-Sharp. As the name suggests, it is from the C programming family so the syntax is similar to C/C++. It supports an object oriented programming paradigm. Moreover, C# also supports .NET framework which is one of the most used frameworks for windows app development.

If you want to develop applications for windows platform you can’t go wrong with C#. Likewise, one of the most used game engine i.e. Unity Game Engine has the C# as the recommended programming language to develop 2D and 3D games. This makes C# one of the best programming language to learn for game development and windows app development. Furthermore, Xamarin which is open-source framework for cross-platform app development for android, iOS and windows phone is also written in C#.

Used In: Windows app development, Game Development
Difficulty Level: Relatively difficult
Job Opportunity: Very Good
Community Support: Good.

There are huge amount of resources to learn C# if you are just starting. This might be intimidating so, we have made tutorials and program examples which will get you up to start learning C#.
Tutorial: C# for Beginners
Examples: C# Program Examples

6. Swift

Swift is also a general purpose programming language developed by Apple for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS. It is similar to objective C. It takes significantly less coding as compared to other programming languages.

Apple is one of the leading tech companies, so developing applications for apple products isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Also, iOS applications are relatively more profitable than for other platforms. Since Apple directly backs the development of swift programming language it makes it easier for developers to develop apps for apple products than other frameworks and languages. This also makes apps developed with swift faster. Few of the top organizations using swift are Facebook, Uber, Slack, etc. Swift is one of the best programming languages to learn for iOS app development.

Used In: App development for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS
Difficulty Level: relatively easier
Job Opportunity: Very Good
Community Support: Good – large supportive community.

7. Go Programming Language

Go, also known as Golang is an open source programming language developed by Google. It is statically typed and compiled language. Golang also supports concurrent programming which makes it suitable for designing and programming highly distributed systems. Go has simplicity like python and speed and abilities like C programming language.

Golang is another programming language which is preferred for system programming. It is mostly used to develop micro services. Moreover, single page applications (SPA) are also made using golang. Many companies like Google, Uber, Twitch, Dropbox, SoundCloud and many more are using Golang for various purposes. Currently, golang doesn’t have enough job opportunities as compared to others but it is gaining popularity rapidly among developers and companies.

Used In: Distributed networked services, System Programming
Difficulty Level: relatively easier
Job Opportunity: Less than others
Community Support: Good.

You can find many blogs and videos to learn Golang. Golang’s documentation is one of the best place to learn.
Check Here – Golang Documentation.


We have listed few of the most demanded and popular programming languages right now. Most of the programming languages will not be disappearing any time soon, so don’t get lost while looking after other popular languages. Since, programming has huge sectors it is upon you what you want to do and choose a programming language according to your need. You just need to start and stick to your goals. Happy Programming.

LanguageBest ForDifficulty LevelJob OpportunityCommunity Support
Python Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep LearningEasy – Start getting along quicklyVery goodExcellent
JavaScript Web DevelopmentEasyVery GoodExcellent
Java Android and Desktop App DevelopmentRelatively difficultVery GoodVery Good
C/C++ Embedded systems and Game DevelopmentRelatively difficultGoodGood
C# Windows app developmentRelatively difficultGoodGood
Swift iOS app developmentRelatively easierVery GoodVery Good
GolangDistributed networked services, System ProgrammingRelatively easierLess than othersGood

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